No predefined paths, you are the master of your defensive strategy!

Different towers with diverse functionality!

Upgrade everything! Tower, abilities, stats, rewards, and more!

Many maps - even ones with multiple paths, starts, and ends!


Build Your Own Maze

Tired of being told where to build? Geometry Defense is modeled after WC3 tower defenses so there are no predetermined build locations. This freedom allows you to create unique strategies and play-styles.

Diverse Towers

There are 6 base towers – 3 levels per tower – and 2 branches of advanced towers in Geometry Defense. Most towers deal different types of damage (physical, fire, poison, & more) and impede enemy movement. There are some like the Bank will provide credits over time or the Buffer which enhances all towers in range.

Unique Enemies

Geometry Defense contains the standard base enemies often seen across the genre but then there are some that are completely despised… like the Sapper. This enemy unit will attach itself to towers which will disable them as long as it lives. Only player intervention can stop them! Each update brings new foes to defeat with interesting mechanics and counters.

Impactful Abilities

Some challenges are greater that others and require intervention from the player. Utilize powerful abilities to change the tide of battle and quickly dispatch pesky foes.

Explore the Sol System

The campaign in Geometry Defense takes place in our very own Sol System. Little is known about where these Geometric foes originated – some say they came from the Void, others believe them to be man-made… whatever the case is they are relentless and would see us wiped from our home.

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