Build anything! Unleash your full creativity!

Beat the campiagn!

Change your character! Use different skins, clothing, and trails!

Go online and share your levels! Play levels from around the globe and compete for the best score!


Build Your Own Levels

Unleash your creativity and build your own platformer! Dino Dare is all about making your own levels!

Customize Your Dinosaur

Beat levels with your own flair! With tons of skins and costume pieces you can truly make your dinosaur your own!

Explore the Campaign

Play through dozens of pre-built levels that are designed to familiarize you with game mechanics and controls. Can you 3 star them all?

Go Online

Made something awesome and unique? Share it with the world! Track how well players do and edit your levels to make the best experience.

Looking for a challenge? Download and play user created levels and compete for the best score!

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