Dino Dare is a physics based puzzle platformer featuring lovable dinosaurs. Play through many levels collecting stars and besting your time using iconic dinosaurs.

Your goal is to get the dinosaur egg back to its nest safely. While the egg is fragile it has a powerful ability – it can channel its inner form and temporarily exit the egg! Using this power you can easily destroy, avoid, or move objects blocking your path. Be careful though – all objects are influenced by physics and can be volatile…

Once you beat the campaign the fun doesn’t stop, once beaten levels can be played again with modifiers – increase/decrease the gravity, forces, breaking strength of objects and more. That’s not all, the game features a construction kit that allows you to create whatever challenge you can imagine.

*Early Access/Alpha* – Due to the early nature of this product, I cannot guarantee the stability or quality of the game although I will do my best to avoid pushing garbage. There is a very significant risk of game save loss at this point. If you are OK with that please give the game a try. Help the game by sharing your thoughts and support. Thanks!

Current features:
★ First 20 Levels.
★ First Dino – Red, the Triceratops.
★ Construction kit – create and test your own levels!
★ Various physic materials with different interactions.

-New Dinosaurs/reptiles spanning the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.
-New Levels.
-New Biomes.
-New objects to interact with.
-Level share.
-Cloud integration.

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