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    Zebec Games

    Full Change Notes for Geometry Defense v1.6.000.

    Google Play :
    Apple App Store :



    New Towers! From beyond the void comes the Void Tower and Beamer. These towers feature a new damage type – “Void.” Engineers have managed to gather Void sauce from the edges of the Sol System and integrate it into new weapons. Enemies hit with Void damage will have a chance to instantly die.

    • Added health/shield bars for enemies. Can be toggled in the Options menu.
    • Added build/upgrade preview.

    Thanks for the help with localization. If anyone wants to see fixes for their native language please contact me (



    Abilities: All abilities have been reworked to feel more balanced and useful. The Napalm should no longer be the default ability of choice. All damage abilities besides the Sword now has a Base damage + %hp damage. This helps them scale better while avoiding super overpowered damage in early waves.


    • Bio Cannon – fixed but that caused damage to be applied incorrectly.
    • Flamer – fixed issues with burn damage calculations.
    • Sniper – Small increase to firing rate.
    • DualMG – Increased damage. Lowered Armor Penetration.
    • Railgun – Small damage reduction.
    • Cannon – Damage reduced.

    Balance is an ongoing issues. Please feel free to join the discussion on Reddit (r/GeometryDefense).



    • New Bloom used results in less CPU utilization and fixes flicker.
    • New Main Menu and Campaign effects with lower CPU & Memory usage.


    Known Issues

    • Abilities can become broken when trying to use them.
    • Spawn indicator not hidden when the game is paused.
    • Various issues can arise if the device contains and old save from Alpha or Beta. You will need to wipe app data for it to work.


    Road Map (Rough Plan)

    • 1.6.x balance changes – fixes and tweaks.
    • 1.7 Campaign Re-work. New layouts. New abilities. Remaining planets.
    • 1.8 Challenge modes.
    • 1.9 Map editor.
    • Features without a known slot – enemy picker. Endless mode enhancements. Tower targeting improvements. Performance improvements.

    If you see anything not reported here please send an email to and include as much info as possible.

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