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    Full Change Notes for Geometry Defense v1.5.000.

    Google Play :
    Apple App Store :



    • New Enemies! Magnetron and Armored Pawn (AP added in 1.4.002).
    • Major performance improvements to turret AI.
    • Major balance re-work: This makes higher difficulties and waves more obtainable. It also should make upgrades in the Research Lab more impactful. I know it needs work and I will be focusing on this in the next patch.
    • Improved new enemy screen by including descriptions.
    • Fixed “freeze” issue caused by Armored Pawns with shields.
    • Fixed “freeze” issue related to enemies losing its path.
    • Fixed several string format issues related to various localizations.


    • French language improvements – Thanks Azertizer Yt!
    • Czech language improvements – Thanks Honza Trlifaj!
    • German language improvements – Thanks SleXxor!
    • Greek language improvements – Thanks MaRSot!

    Thanks for the help with localization. If anyone wants to see fixes for their native language please contact me (



    • Too many changes to list – play and find out. =)
    • Magnetron: New Boss! Continuing my plan to add enemies with abilities the Magnetron draws projectiles towards it. When low on health it will “enrage” and repel projectiles disrupting any well made plans.
    • Sorry veteran players the game is probably too easy now. Higher difficulties should solve this for you (especially in Endless mode).



    • Major performance improvements to turret AI.


    Known Issues

    • Target selection does not appear until tower is re-selected.
    • Abilities can become broken when trying to use them.
    • Spawn indicator not hidden when the game is paused.
    • Various issues can arise if the device contains and old save from Alpha or Beta. You will need to wipe app data for it to work.
    • Restarting rapidly can cause the asynchronous load operation to break. Avoid it for now (should be fixed).


    Road Map (Rough Plan)

    • 1.5.x balance changes – especially abilities. Tutorial. New tower.
    • 1.6 Campaign Re-work. New layouts. New abilities.
    • 1.7 Challenge modes.
    • 1.8 Map editor.
    • Features without a known slot – enemy picker. Endless mode enhancements. Tower preview. Tower targeting improvements. Performance improvements.


    If you see anything not reported here please send an email to and include as much info as possible.

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