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    Zebec Games

    Full Change Notes for Geometry Defense v1.2.015.

    Google Play :
    Apple App Store :

    Re-worked graphics to be sprite based. This means overall greater rendering performance at the cost of memory.
    Re-worked the following effects: Enemy Death, Rocket Explosion, and Cannon Explosion.

    More abilities and effects will be tweaked in the future.

    Increased the Rocket Tower costs.
    Reduced the damage of the Acid Dart by about 40%.
    Reduced the amount of stronger enemies in higher waves.

    Major optimizations around rendering.
    Re-worked Storm ability and some particle effects for better performance.

    Known Issues
    Target selection does not appear until tower is re-selected.
    Audio slider settings are not persisted when game is exited.
    Abilities can become broken when trying to use them.
    Spawn indicator not hidden when the game is paused.
    Various issues can arise if the device contains and old save from Alpha or Beta. You will need to wipe app data for it to work.

    Incomplete Features
    These are missing or incomplete features and not considered bugs.

    Options are not complete.
    A few achievements are not wired up.
    Beamer tower.
    Boss abilities.
    Single player campaign.
    Challenge modes.
    Various animations/effects.
    Spawn indicator/wave data.
    Tower additional stats.
    Additional player abilities.
    Game encyclopedia.
    If you see anything not reported here please send an email to and include as much info as possible.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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