Dino Dare Global Launch!

Dino Dare is now launched in all supported markets worldwide!


Dino Dare is a physics based 2D platformer featuring dinosaurs with various abilities. Run, jump, and smash through levels trying to best your previous scores.

The highlight of the game is a robust level editor that allows you to create and share levels with the entire world! Try to become the best at finishing the most difficult challenges or attempt to become the greatest level creator!

Main Features:

  • Ridiculous physics based gameplay – be prepared for the unexpected!
  • Dynamic and emergent gameplay.
  • Funny looking dinosaurs.
  • Powerful level editor – all levels included in the game were made with the in-game editor!
  • Awesome skins and costumes!

Check out details of the game here: www.dinodare.com

Thank you for stopping by! Now go make some levels.

Grab it now on Google Play and the App Store!

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